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FEES: Private Pilates sessions from £57 to £68

Pilates is a form of exercise that restores function and movement and helps to improve fitness and posture. The College Practice has a fully equipped Pilates Studio for use in injury rehabilitation or as a fitness programme in its own right.

Pilates is also a form of exercise that can complement Osteopathic or Physiotherapy treatment. If used simultaneously with manual therapy, Pilates can create an effective immediate change with lasting results.

Clinical Pilates can help clients with a range of conditions from chronic back pain to RSI (repetitive strain injury); also the elderly and those recovering from pregnancy and childbirth. 


What will my Pilates session include?

Sessions will vary from client to clients, depending on the reason for treatment, but your session will include all or some of the below according to your condition:

  • A postural assessment.
  • A training session on the Reformer to allow you to use with our studio equipment on your own – where appropriate
  • Your own personal exercise Pilates programme, so you can continue the good work at home
  • Supervised Pilates Reformer exercises
  • Supervised use of the Trapeze & Cadillac (combo chair)
  • Mat exercises
  • Fit/Swiss Balls exercises
  • & Exercises to do at Home


You may be taught a bespoke individual programme dependant on ability using the Pilates equipment so that in the future you could use it without supervision just like a gym– only if combined with intermittent ongoing supervision and support – when the studio is free. We use specialist Balanced Body Pilates equipment from the USA.

Pilates with Osteopathy or Physiotherapy

Together, Pilates and Osteopathy or Physiotherapy will help you achieve lasting results with alignment and a more balanced body. ‘In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a new body’ (Joseph Pilates) Using Osteopathy or Physiotherapy and Pilates as complementary treatments/techniques ensure patients achieve both short and long-term success. Following through from injury to rehabilitation using Pilates equipment helps patients to be independently active, either exercising at home or to continue with their favourite sporting activity. How can Osteopathy/Physiotherapy & Pilates help you?

  • Prevention of further trauma and aid them with treatment and advice.
  • Recovery from acute or chronic pain and discomfort or injury.
  • As a form of general exercise and to help improve posture.
  • For pre and post pregnancy care
  • For stretching and increased flexibility
  • To improve your core strength