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Osteopathy is focused on the body’s muscular-skeletal system (the bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues) and on the way in which this system interrelates with the body as a whole.

Osteopaths can diagnose and treat a wide variety of problems which occur within this complex system as a result of injury, disease and stress. We are members of the General Osteopathic Council (as described in the Osteopaths Act 1993).

We are experienced in treating sports injuries, Osteopathy for women during pregnancy and post-childbirth (postnatal pain, postural changes compensation) We also have a dedicated Pilates & Gyrotonic movement Rehabilitation Studio. And we offer Paediatric Osteopathy (for young children) using Cranial Osteopathy.

Specialist areas of Osteopathy


We specialise in the use of Cranial Osteopathy which can assist after head injuries or recovery from surgery. It is a method used to help alleviate symptoms & discomfort from Tinnitus, Headaches & Tension as a result of breathing difficulties and many gut conditions. It can help to create a better sense of calm and relaxation with the body. Resulting in feeling more comfortable and settled, whilst dealing with sometimes, unexplained or complex symptoms.

For the elderly as well as for the young.


The Clinic is able to treat a wide range of sports injuries. Our practitioners can diagnose and treat injuries such as those suffered by runners, joggers, tennis and squash players, Rugby, footballers, Ice Hockey, swimmers and golfers.

Including injuries related to joint Hyper mobility Syndrome. We have knee, Ankle & back supports or we may use taping techniques. To either stabilise joints that have strained; Ankles, Knees -MCL- Collateral ligament strains, or using Kinesio-Taping methods to help reduce muscle tension, commonly used for injuries, such as: Achilles tendonitis.


Our Osteopathic Clinic specialises in treating pregnant women, helping the body to compensate for postural changes caused by pregnancy.

Postnatal pain can be relieved as well. Combining Osteopathy & Pilates is a unique area of care we offer. You will progress from injury, strains & postural changes to strengthening in preparation for labour & post-delivery. And rebalance your pelvis whilst restoring core and rebuilding your abdominal strength.


Osteopathy for children and young people. A traumatic birth can sometimes make children appear uncomfortable or unsettled. The use of very soft, gentle manipulative techniques can reduce the compression effects of such births and hopefully avoid a variety of conditions which can have effects into adult life.

As they grow, we are here to help with the physical impacts of playing sports, musical instruments and studying for exams on the skeletal development in growing bodies. 

We can recommend patients for blood tests e.g. chronic fatigue, allergy testing, bone density scans, Ultra-Sound Diagnostics, MRI and x-rays etc. when appropriate. We are also, in the Parents’ Directory (North London).