Painful Knee and Painful Back and painful Neck

Suzanne Tugwell

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Painful Knee and Painful Back and painful Neck

What happened was my brother sat on my knee it was twisted badly I was on crutches for 3 weeks but as soon as I broke it I went to Suzanne who did some painful massage on it. After Suzanne’s first treatment I started saying Suzanne didn’t help she made it worse but then Mum said you’ll see.

The next day my knee still was hurting so badly but it felt better. It wouldn’t have been better if Suzanne had not treated it. It was more agile and flexible and day after day it got better and better and by three weeks I could walk a day later I could run a day later play sports a day later I was completely normal. I couldn’t believe how quick I was back to normal. If Suzanne had not kept on treating me, I would have never been back to normal in three weeks probably 5 weeks was the probability if Suzanne hadn’t kept on treating me.

Also when I had a problem with my neck that’s why I was having so many headaches. Two treatments with Suzanne, done. This neck problem had been getting at me for 2 years 2 treatments with Suzanne, done and dusted. 

Colm - aged 9 9 September 2021