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Emmanuel Jean

Sports Massage Therapist

  • BTEC Professional (Level 5)

  • Practices:Sports, Restorative & Deep Soft Tissue massage

  • Dry Needling & Cupping

  • A Stott PILATES Instructor-Level one: MATWORK

“As a runner and triathlete, I have been attending clinic with Emmanuel for a few years, which has greatly helped me stay injury free and assist with free movement. He freely provides diagnostics on where he see’s improvements and also offers advice on stretches and core strength exercises.  Through regular sports therapy Emmanuel has helped my flexibility and resilience to injury, offering remedial advice, a programme of core strength and stretching exercises. Being a triathlete this advise is invaluable and I would recommend his services” 

Marcus S. – Architect & Triathlete/Runner (painful back and hip)

About Emanuel

 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

I am a relaxed, positive and motivated practitioner with a very clear vision about what I want for my clients and how to help them. I continue to enjoy developing my skills and knowledge by regularly attending courses and workshops, with an ongoing vision of being successful and full-time in this field.

Here at The College Practice, I’ve achieved one of my ambitions, that includes working as part of a team of Clinical Manual Therapists in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, where practitioners compliment each other’s skills, providing care and help to suit our patient’s individual needs and requirements.

My areas of experience and expertise are:

  • Chronic back, shoulder and hip, thigh and calf pain.
  • Back ache
  • Muscle/ligament/tendon tears after the acute stage
  • Muscular tension & de-stress
  • Maintenance of wellbeing and aid to recovery
  • Rehabilitation for sub-acute/chronic injuries
  • Arthritis, hypertension & poor circulation
  • Muscular dysfunctions & preparation for sporting events
  • Scar tissue – from surgery or trauma.

I’ve worked with Premier league winners Saracens Rugby Club for muscular injuries on the pitch and London World Athletics in 2017 as part of the Physical Therapies Team (a comprehensive medical team) providing support, preparing and relaxing muscles before and after a full day of training or high-level competition. Including on the training track and based at the hotel, supporting teams with physical therapies; USA, Japan, Bahamas, Granada, Poland, Ukraine and others.

By working in the charitable professional sporting arena, alongside elite athletes and professional sports people here in the UK, in Paris and Europe, I aim to build and grow my career by strengthening my skills, developing my expertise and knowledge, so I can help and advise on a whole variety of Muskulo-Skeletal conditions.

Emanuel is fluent in French, Spanish English.