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Eduardo Verdi

Chartered Physiotherapist & Sports Therapist

Registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)


  • CLINICAL PILATES – Using the Reformer/Allegro/Cadillac & individual Matwork home exercises
  • REHABILITATION – Including Thera-band physio exercise
  • ACUPUNCTURE (& dry needling)

“My mother had knee surgery for a torn cartilage four years ago and due to confidence issues that it left her with, it stopped her going up and down six communal stairs to get out from our flat, as she feared she would fall down the stairs. so due to this, my mother stopped going out and she stayed indoors for two years. As I had been using the College Practice for many years, I looked on their website for a Physiotherapist and I read about Eduardo Verdi.

I contacted Eduardo and he made a visit to meet with my mother and myself. He asked my mother what her goal was, and she replied: ” I want to get up and down the communal stairs and get out”. Within two weeks, Eduardo got my mother up and down the communal stairs and outside. Due to Eduardo’s experience, my mother now has her life back and can get out and about and goes up and down the six communal stairs with no problem at all. 

Elderly patient’s daughter

About Eduardo

At TCP on a Monday & Wednesday (and can do home visits by prior appointment).

Offering physiotherapy & acupuncture for musculoskeletal problems (& dry needling) plus Ultra-Sound Therapy at the clinic, Eduardo has extensive experience in teaching Clinical Pilates for rehabilitation and general wellbeing.

He also works in an NHS hospital in Kent & London with a mixed age group of patients, particularly with varying types of neurological conditions, including patients with severe or slight balance issues. He is highly experienced in the field of physiotherapy Orthopaedics, Sports of all ages and Geriatric care for the elderly.

In Brazil, Eduardo worked with professional football teams and water sports competitors and enthusiasts.
He makes a careful evaluation of each individual’s needs and requirements and will design a recovery programme that is suitable for individual patients including workouts and exercises to do at home. He will help you achieve overall muscle balance, lengthen, tone and improve your body, build strength, flexibility, coordination and create better alignment. If you want to have strength, mobility, better posture and to learn how to do that in your everyday life, Eduardo will help you achieve that. 

Eduardo sometimes integrates his skills with the use of Acupuncture (for musculoskeletal problems only; strained joints, ligaments, muscles, arthritic pain). Initially, he trained and practiced Chinese Acupuncture in Brazil, then updated his knowledge by completing a refresher course here in the UK.

Eduardo has worked in Brazil and Italy and is fully fluent in Portuguese and Italian as well as English.